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No personal guarantee corporate cards and smart spend management software that keeps you in control

Overview of Journal's all-in-one corporate card spend management solution

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Issue Cards and Stay in Control

Get physical and virtual corporate cards with high limits and no credit check required

Journal's powerful card management icon
Powerful card management

Easily manage all your corporate cards and their limits in a single modern portal

Journal's cards never run out of money icon
Never run out of money

Never worry about running out of money with automatic topups

Journal physical and virtual cards enable you to manage on the go and online expenses

Automate Spend Requests & Approvals

Issue one-time virtual cards with limits for spenders that don't have a corporate card to eliminate out of pocket spending

Smart approval workflows
Smart approval workflows

Instantly approve employee expenses with a one-time virtual card with a limit

Automatic receipt collection
Automate receipt collection

Automatically notify spenders about missing receipts to close your books faster

Slack integration for seamless workflows
Manage your spending from Slack

Increase employee adoption and streamline approvals with seamless Slack workflows and notifications

Journal makes it easy to request and approve spend with one time virtual cards with limits

Automate Reconciliation

Reconcile with confidence in fraction of time, never second guess who made what purchase

Smart pre-coded corporate cards
Smart pre-coded cards

Automatically categorize expenses by assigning accounting codes to cards rather than individual transactions

Native accounting integrations
Native accounting integrations

Integrate with accounting software for seamless month-end exports

Instantly reconcile at month end

See why Canadian businesses are switching to Float

Purchase Rate

Rate if you don't pay off your limit on time



Application time

Time to get approved for a card

~2-3 weeks

3 days

Annual card fees

Yearly fees for physical cards

$120 + $50 additional


Card limits

Yearly fees for physical cards




Earned cashback rate

No personal guarantee

Requirement to personally guarantee cards and perform credit checks

Instant virtual cards

Virtual Visa cards

Accounting sync

Two-way sync with accounting software

Spend management

Card managment dashboard with spend and approval workflows

Spender login

View only logins for non-admin users

Receipt collection

Automatically collect receipts for your expenses

Have questions? We got answers!

What is Float?

Float is a combination of no personal guarantee corporate cards issued by Visa and an integrated spend management software suite to help you control your spending and manage cards.

How Float limits work?

Your Float limits = your bank balance. Float cards integrate directly with your bank account and automatically maintain your desired balance on your cards.

What information do I need to apply?

You need to provide us with a legal business name, your home address, and your date of birth. We do not perform any hard credit checks and only use your information to validate your identity.

Cashback? How does that work?

Float provides no BS cashback on every dollar that you spend. The more you spend, the higher your cashback will get. Reach out for more details 😉

How Float Corporate Cards work?

Float customers have access to virtual and physical corporate cards issued by Visa. Float cards, just like all Visa credit cards, are accepted around the world. Your Float cards will work anywhere Visa is accepted.

How to apply in 5-minutes?

Applying for Float takes less than 5 minutes, and you will get your account credentials instantly after you complete the onboarding form.

Does Float integrate with Accounting Software?

Yes, we have native two-way sync with QBO and Xero and support exporting into Netsuite and Sage.

How do USD and CAD cards that save on FX work?

Float enables you to connect both your US and Canadian bank accounts and issue cards in the respective currencies. This way you pay 0% in FX fees.

All other foreign transactions have a 2% FX fee (banks usually offer ~3.5% FX)

Get started with Float in 5 minutes

Get high-limit, no personal guarantee Corporate Cards and forget about month-end reconciliation and out-of-pocket expenses!

No personal guarantee
Eliminate out-of-pocket spend

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